Sure it's nice to have paid programs like Maple, TI-SmartView, Camtasia Studio and Snagit, but here are some fantastic free alternatives:

Virtual TI Calculatordownload site. Be sure to copy a ROM file like this one into the folder with the unzipped files. This file is for a TI-86. You may download any ROM file legally for any calculator that you own. external image octet-stream.png ti86.rom

Cropper - Tired of using Print Screen, then having to open and crop the screenshot and then save it as a file? Just want a quick, small screenshot copied to the clipboard, or saved as a bmp, jpeg, or png? Download cropper, run it, and use it from the tray.

"Nail it" download site - use this to "pin" your TI to the top of your flipchart, notebook file, powerpoint, etc.

Zoom it - Your PC can't zoom like your MAC friends' computers? =( That's okay, download Zoom it, and use Ctrl1 to zoom, or Ctrl2 to annotate over your desktop.

Screencast-o-matic - Need to make a screencast for your students so they can learn a new lesson ... while you're out ... at a tech conference? This is my favorite tool.
My second favorite ... Screentoaster

Sitmo Equation Editor - Get a widget here for your website, or add it to your iGoogle page. Use cropper or your IWB camera to capture the images, or just click on them to save them as .png files.

My math links on Diigo.

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