Geogebra is a "dynamic math software" program to aid in the understanding of geometry, algebra, and calculus.

Geogebra can be downloaded and installed, or just run as a web-based application. Click here to access both options.

The best way to get started with Geogebra is to use already done applets that others have created and shared on the Geogebra wiki.

Here are some good examples for:


  • Missing lengths in similar triangles - students can work out problems themselves, then "drag away" boxes to reveal the correct answers with the proportions.
  • Exploring the relationship between the central angle and the inscribed angle to its intercepted arc.


  • Plotting Points - an interactive line graph activity. Be sure to click on the plus sign to show the directions for the activity.
  • A very nice applet on watching the graph of a parabola with the function in the form y=c(x-a)(x-b), with sliders to change the values of a, b, and c. Nice questions at the end also.



Can't find the perfect applet for you? Then make your own!
There are really interesting tutorials on this blog.
Once you get your feet wet, and you're ready to start writing your own, you can learn everything here in the Geogebra manual.
More resources:
Introductory Materials, a user forum to ask questions or search commonly discussed topics, and a few other odds and ends.

GeoGebra Webinar

GeoGebra File Share

Click here to visit the page where we can share applets we have written.

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