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I find a lot of great flipcharts at Promethean Planet.
Here are a TON for grades K-6 from a school in Georgia.
This wiki has some nice flipcharts for the high school level.

Since I use a ActivInspire, here are a couple of flipcharts I've used with my classes.
If you have ActivInspire or ActivStudio, you can open the actual flipchart file. If not, you can view the .pdf.
The .pdf files are always saved after we've done the notes so they can be posted up to Edline in their notes folder.

Integrated 3, plotting points:
This was a nice one I got from Promethean Planet - it was a nice one for the kids to get up and do themselves.

Calculus, regression equations:

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You probably already know you can start at Smart's site, Smart Exchange.
You can download more math Notebook files at Harvey's Homepage. Everything from number sense to geometry. Super for elementary grades!
Here are some more elementary, mostly kindergarten, on this wiki.

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Once you are logged in at the Easiteach site, you can search for math Easiteach files.
There are also quite a few at the Polyvision wiki.
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