Here is a list of interactive websites that are great for the kids to use with any interactive white board!
Just click on the pdf to open the table, then click on any of the sites to try them out.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A game where you order integers from least to greatest. I had an autistic boy last year who was the class champion at it.
  • Try the clock on this site. Great for teaching little ones how to read an analogue clock.
  • These are great "go green" worksheets for everything from Kindergarten to high school math. For each topic, the students can either do the lesson online (virtual) or "fill out the worksheet" (eWorkbook).
  • This site is really nice for elementary students and teachers! The only thing to be careful of is some of the spelling or grammar. It's a British site, so some of their "maths" spellings are different. :) I especially love the embeddable widgets for your websites. Here's an example ...

The table of interactives above may not be updated very often, but every time I find another interactive math website, you can find it here in my Diigo bookmarks.

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